ACRE Supported Employment Training

Equipping Professionals. Empowering People. Elevating Employment.

Curriculum Developer/Trainer: Vikki Ortiz, MA CESP

Principles of Supported Employment

Supported Employment empowers people to make their own choices about their employment journey. People receive support from certified professionals in finding and negotiating jobs that align with their strengths, interests, and employment preferences. Supported Employment promotes Employment First principles.

Competitive, Integrated Employment

People with disabilities earn fair wages, experience full inclusion in the workplace, and have the opportunity to advance their career, just like everyone else.

Employment is for Everyone

Zero exclusion is the belief that everyone has valuable contributions to offer the workforce. Everyone has access to supported employment services.

Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered career planning ensures each career seeker has agency in their pathway to employment. Self-determination and advocacy are vital as each person directs their employment journey.

ACRE Supported Employment Training

The Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) is excited to bring you this training opportunity focused on equipping Employment Support Professionals to provide the highest quality services.

Participants in the COEF ACRE Support Employment Training will engage in an interactive learning experience that includes live sessions and On-Demand coursework.  Learning assignments and knowledge checks will help learners practice supported employment skills while also confirming their understanding of course content.

Participants who complete the training will receive and ACRE Basic Employment Services Certificate. Click here for dates and registration information.

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The Colorado Office of Employment First sits under JFK Partners, the state’s University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, a program of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Its creation was envisioned by Colorado Employment First Advisory Partnership (EFAP), a multi-state agency and stakeholder-led collaborative, and was made possible, in part, by funding from the Colorado Legislature and generously matched through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).

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