Benefits Counseling Resources in Colorado

Interested in work but not sure what will happen with your benefits?
You are not alone. No cost resources exist to help you every step of the way.

Disability Benefits Planning: Build the Life you Want. Keep the Benefits you Need. This video was developed by the Colorado chapter of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE). It shows how people with disabilities are increasing their income through work while keeping the benefits they need.

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What is Colorado DB101?

Colorado DB101 (CO DB101) is a comprehensive website offering Federal & Colorado focused tools and information for career exploration and planning, health coverage  options, and disability benefits for Coloradans with Disabilities!  Users are able to explore how employment and earnings interact with benefits and will be able to determine statewide resources to promote their employment journey.

Colorado DB101 is a key resource to promote competitive integrated employment for all Coloradans with disabilities.

Explore how Work and Benefits go together today!

Community Work Incentives Coordinator

CWICs are extensively trained through Virginia Commonwealth University to provide in-depth counseling on the effect of earnings on public benefits, including Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and other public benefits.

Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor (CPWIC)

CPWICs, who have the same type of training as CWICs, are professionals employed by community partner organizations who deliver individualized, work incentive counseling services to disability beneficiaries.

Work Incentives Practitioner (WIP)

A WIP, or a WIP-C, is a certificate holder from YTIOnline at Cornell University who has completed a 17-module, on-line course in addition to exam and file review requirements.

Preparing for Work Education Paved the Way Amber, a single mom, was a Social Security beneficiary for many years and decided to go back to school, with the help of the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, in hopes of working in Human Services. Amber talking on phone at computer Benefits Counseling Gave Her a Plan After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Amber was hired by her internship site, Connections for Independent Living. She used benefits counseling services to understand how her new full-time job would impact her benefits. Amber Person hugging child in back of a vehicle A Regular Paycheck and a New Car When Amber’s benefits stopped, she realized she had a much better living and was able to buy a brand new car.

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What to expect from a benefits counselor?

Benefits Counseling services from a WIP, a CWIC or a CPWIC usually involve in-depth guidance, and typically a written report will be prepared for you to reference along your employment journey. Services may take place in person or remotely in one session or over several. Benefits Counselors can be involved at different employment stages to answer questions and help you plan as you prepare for work, start employment, and advance in your career.

Resources are at your fingertips

Colorado is fortunate to have highly trained benefits counselors located throughout the state. The titles are less important than finding a resource in your area and starting a conversation on employment and the impact of work on benefits.
Locate a benefits counselor HERE

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