Your Career Exploration Options

Checking out the world of work and discovering where your strengths lie along with what inspires you is made easier with a variety of career planning tools and activities.

On-line Exploration Tools

Many on-line exploration tools can help you sort your interests and work values along with where your strengths lie.

On-the-Job Exploration Activities

Exploring while at a job site, such as through shadowing a worker or trying out a position, can open up preferences for types of employment.

Discovery Services

Trained “Discovery” providers can help you learn about your talents from activities and interviews with you and others who know you.

Vocational Guidance

Rehabilitation counselors can assist with looking at your talents from previous jobs and how those might transfer into employment today.

On-Line Exploration Tools

While there are many other tools, these are a few of the commonly used on-line exploration options you may want to check out.

My Colorado Journey

Colorado’s statewide platform connecting you to work, education, support services and action planning.

The Career Index Plus

A career decision making tool developed specifically for vocational rehabilitation clients to look at advantages and disadvantages of various career paths.

Unsure How to Request Support? Try this:

 “Please help me learn about on-line tools that can help me decide what career path I want.” 

Work Experiences

Career seekers may be supported to participate in a paid work experience to “try out” a position in a field of interest or show an employer you have the skills they need.

Job Shadows

A job shadow provides you with a chance to observe someone working so you can learn more about a position.

My Virtual Job Shadow

A video-based, career planning platform helps career seekers consider employment directions.

On-the-Job Exploration Activities

Often career seekers can be supported to learn more about career preferences through hands-on activities at an actual employment site. If working with an employment counselor, ask them about these options to help you explore.


A mentoring opportunity can provide a career seeker with hands-on career exploration by being matched to a professional in a field of interest. Youth may be interested in checking out October’s Disability Mentoring Day options.

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