Benefits Counseling

A service that helps people with disabilities and families understand how employment and other
life decisions will impact their benefits. Is this information YOU can use?

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A Personalized, No-Cost Plan

Highlights options to enhance earning ability through use of work incentives and work support programs.

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For People Who Receive Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income and other programs.

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Find a Certified Benefits Counselor

Highly trained specialists located throughout the state. Locate a benefits counselor HERE.

What is Colorado DB101?

Colorado DB101 (CO DB101) is a comprehensive website offering Federal & Colorado focused tools and information for career exploration and planning, health coverage options, and disability benefits for Coloradans with Disabilities! Users are able to explore how employment and earnings interact with benefits and will be able to determine statewide resources to promote their employment journey.

Colorado DB101 is a key resource to promote competitive integrated employment for all Coloradans with disabilities.

Explore how Work and Benefits go together Today!

Explore Colorado DB101 CO.DB101.ORG -24/7/365 access! -Resource Planning! -Medicaid Buy-in estimator! Available in English and Spanish #ColoradoDB101

Why Benefits Counseling?

People with disabilities who receive benefits may be fearful or have concerns about loss of income or access to health insurance when considering going to work, accepting a promotion, or increasing work hours. There are many underutilized programs that can protect or extend your benefits, and a well-prepared Benefits Summary and Analysis can uncover the options through an individualized approach.

When Should You Access Benefits Counseling?

You are encouraged to seek out benefits counseling anytime employment is being considered — in the early stages of thinking about work, when actively job searching, when a job offer has been extended, and when considering a promotion or an increase in hours. The service can be provided multiple times to respond to your employment plans and changes that arise.

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Learn More About Benefits Counseling

COEF has the resources needed for you and your family members who want to learn more about this service — through on-line webinars or upon request community presentations. Service providers interested in becoming certified in benefits counseling can locate information about
available options, training schedules, and reimbursement rates.

For more information about Benefits Counseling, please email

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